BCP is the Bentswood Community Partnership.

The BCP exists to make Bentswoood better – to promote a thriving community, supported by a strong partnership of various agencies and local groups to support the needs and aspirations of the local people of Bentswood.

It brings together all the Councils – Town, District and County with community partners including housing association Affinity Sutton, Sussex Police, Warden Park Primary Academy and Christ Church. Residents too are a vital contributor and play their part.

Partners include:

Affinity Sutton
HH Foodbank
Haywards Heath Town Council
Impact Foundation
Mid Sussex District Council – Wellbeing.Park Ranger/Youth Services
Saltworkz Café
Sussex Police
West Sussex County Council Youth and Community Service
West Sussex Fire and Rescure Service
Local elected representatives and residents
Claire Todd
Barbara Lank
Bryan Fairhall
David Dorking
Joyce Sharma
Richard Goddard
Stephen Hillier (Chairman)


The aim is to ensure that there is a shared purpose in delivering services to the Bentswood Community and that all the agencies have the opportunity to work together.

Initiatives include involvement with activities such as the Bentswood Community Day, promoting voluntary working such as Litter Picks and railing painting to improve the locality, opportunities for youngsters, supporting the police and Councils in controlling anti social behaviour and highlighting highways and transport issues.

We welcome new partners working in Bentswood.

What are the key things the BCP will focus on in 2013 to 2014?

1. Have an action plan with realistic short/medium goals
Why do we meet?
Sub groups to achieve action
Action Plan with key areas for focus & measurable outcomes
Become a body that can apply for funds
Themes for meeting
Developing strategic plans and insight
Less talking; more outcomes

2. Understanding our communities
Focus on children, literacy,the arts
Engagement with BME groups & Youth
Engaging with local community
Identify isolated community members
Get young people involved (11-19)
Partnership for youth activities
More inclusion isolated older people
Better=smaller community involvement

3. Facilitate & promote events, projects, activities
Organise a fun community event
Camping on Barn Cottage Green
Intergenerational Project
Promote free safety checks
Help promote Albemarle youth activities
Fund/build a community centre
Sponsored zimmer walk
Heart Start
Expansion of August Fun Day

4.To develop a communications plan
Know more about each other/what we do/offer
Concentrate more on time for positives
Positive feeling about Bentswood
Proactive influencing, spread word
Visibility, conduit/link to services
What is the point?
Different types of communication not just web

5.Enable & Encourage the Community
Channel sense of community into action (involve residents)
Led by the Community/understand what residents want/value
Enable community to help itself
Enhanced Community Engagement