Stephen Hillier, Haywards Heath Town and WSCC Councillor and Chairperson of the BCP

I represent the interests of the residents of Bentswood (which includes the areas around The Priory and Western/Eastern Road) on the Town Council. I also represent Bentswood and Franklands Wards on the County Council. 


With regards to the town council (HHTC) my particular areas of interest are local job creation, leisure provision and trying to foster a better sense of community pride and involvement and also long-term planning to improve our townSo, if you have any ideas about jobs, seeking advice about starting a company, what activities and facilities you would like to be able to do in or near the ward, please do get in touch.

West Sussex County Council

At a County level I have a wide range of responsibilities and interests.  I have 5 schools in my division (Northlands Wood, WPPA, St Joseph’s, St Wilfrid’s and Oathall Community College) and hope to keep working with them to keep them at the heart of our community and assist with things like school travel plans.  I also work to try and get our roads and pavements selected for improvements, not easy in these cash-strapped times for councils.  I also have a special responsibility for Waste disposal (yes – talking rubbish!) and Recycling in particular.

BCP Logo from school project

Finally, as a Councillor and resident of Bentswood Crescent I am also totally committed to the excellent Bentswood Community Partnership and would be happy to raise your concerns there or at the Panel meetings with the PCSO’s.

Better still, I would love to encourage you to come along and represent your own views. We councillors work diligently but would never claim to know all of the answers or the issues that affect your life.

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